Wings Around the World is a nonprofit organization, created to help children in Accra, Ghana and, specific locations around the world.

Founded by Airline Crew, inspired by hands on work, it aims to take children off the street and into the classroom where they can be educated, clothed and fed daily at no cost. The children are taken through a varied curriculum and prepared to go to formal school, where they are supported to further their education ie Universal Wonderful Street Academy. We have a unique opportunity to directly touch the lives and uplift children with our time and support.


To build a small group of Individuals making a large difference in the lives of children. Our goal is to bypass the “Large Fundraising Corporation” machine with direct support for long term sustainability.


  • We appreciate regular support in order to plan ahead and guarantee long term stability.
  • Volunteer and be involved; on sight or as a member of our team.
  • Regular contribution to Wings Around the World (tax-deductible)
  • One time charitable contribution (example: $15-20 a month sponsors one child at UWSA)
  • You can hold or support any of our fundraising events
  • Spread the word and share our information with others
  • PayPal link on: www.wingsaroundtheworld.org

Thank you all!

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